Lime Stone

Shree Stone are engaged in supplying the best range of Black Limestone that is basically utilized for creating several building purposes. Moreover, these black limestones can be broadly used for commercial as well as housing applications. The team also makes sure that the range presented by us is severely tested at par with worldwide standards.

About Limestone

Limestone is considered as a calcareous sedimentary rocks made at the bottom of lakes as well as seas with the buildup of shells, bones and similar calcium rich goods. It is collected of calcite (CaCO3). The natural matter ahead which it settles in lakes as well as seas, are sealed as fossils. More than thousands or millions of years, layer after layer is created and weight is added. The heat as well as pressure causes chemical response at the bottom and the sediments revolve into solid stone, the limestone.

The rock which possesses more than 95% of calcium carbonate is identified as high-calcium limestone. Recrystallised limestone considers good polish and is normally used as decorative as well as building stone. Additionally to the calcium molecules if being changed by magnesium, it is recognized as dolomite limestone or magnesium lime stone. Limestone that will take a polish are measured marbles by the majority of people, but strictly, if there are still shells noticeable or the arrangement is not crystalline, it is just a limestone. 

Kota Natural Limestone

We give our clients with high quality range of Kota Limestone in a diversity of colors, finishes and sizes to select from. These kota limestone are broadly used in different sectors such as residential and institutions shopping malls among others; our range is in high demand by our client looking all over the country. Our range includes which includes Blue Kota Polished, Brown Kota Polished & Rough Limestone.

Natural Limestone

Our range of Natural Limestone is offered in special features of sizes and shapes. Using contemporary processing and finishing techniques, we can supply these natural limestone in special kinds of finish and texture according to the client’s requirement. 
Some of its outstanding Features are:
• High tensile potency
• High compression ratio
• Good uniformity