Slate Stone

Slate Stone Suppliers Jaipur, India

Shree Stone, a trustworthy name in the market is providing you a complete choice of products which comprise Slate Stone such as Copper Slate Stone, D. Green Slate Stone, Black Slate Stone, Silver Shine Slate Stone and K. Multi Slate Stone among others. Shree Stone is the No 1 Slate stone suppliers in Jaipur as well as in Rajasthan India

Information About Slate Stone

Slate stones are considered as a natural stone that is essentially a fine-grained rock created by the masterpiece of mud and stone residue. Due to a completely natural material, the slate stone is found under the earth's surface in several countries all over the world. The majority of them commercially approach from the quarries in Jaipur, Rajasthan India, Brazil, USA, China, Africa and Italy.

Slate suppliers as well as slate exporters take out the natural slate and vend both natural as well as polished shape. These are two special color tones as the polished ones are somewhat darker than the natural slate stones in Jaipur. There is an immense choice of color in Indian slate stone that is not available in any other choice of slate stone.

One can ideally make use of the natural slate inside, outside the home to make floor, roofs, and walkways, in the bathroom and outside the home.

The color option of Slate Stone:

There is a huge choice of color options when it comes to natural slate stone. You can ideally make a selection from pink, chocolate, purple, golden, brown, red, green, gray, white, silver, black and even the multi-colored slate stone choice is also available. The buyers can consider it as one of the most beautiful and artistic creations offered by nature.

Various Uses of Natural Slate Stone Jaipur

  • Slate stone in the construction of flooring, paving, roofing, and as countertops.
  • Slate stone as exciting switch boards as this natural stone has fine fireproof and electrical padding properties. Simply due to the reason relays controls for big electric motors are also prepared with natural slate stone.
  • Moreover, slate stone is used to create billiard table and pool table
  • Writing supports for classrooms such as writing slates and blackboards are even prepared of slate stone.


Here, you can know simply about significant information on slate stone, right from its chemical & physical properties to its fitting as well as maintenance. The best thing associated with us is that you can shop online. Just browse our website and choose your required products according to your needs. Find out more information now online Slate Stone in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.